The National Auto Sport Association (NASA)  Northeast Region is a sanctioned organization that gives you and your car a safe and affordable way to get on the racetrack. With over 45 years of running track events, NASA NE delivers high-quality Motorsports events to automotive enthusiasts who share our passion. NASA has created programs that allow owners of all types of cars to experience the excitement of driving hard on premier racetracks in the Northeast. We provide a safe, controlled, and educational environment. NASA’s High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) events have provided many drivers the chance to get on track with their own cars. No racing license, special car preparation or out-of-the-ordinary insurance is needed. Both classroom and in-car, on-track instruction is available for all drivers.  Group 1 are required to have an instructor and one is assigned to them for the event.

National Organization 
Although we primarily serve residents in the Northeast, anyone is welcome at our events and it is common for drivers to come from all over the country to run with us.  Since we are part of a much larger organization with many different regions and full time staff at the national office in California, there is an excellent support system in place that is available nearly 24/7. Our highly competent Officials and staff are trained to provide a high level of “professionalism and fun” both regionally and nationally – including SFI Certification for our tech inspectors as of 2014. Even better, with your membership and/or license you can participate in many other NASA events across the country that will all be very similar… have you ever wanted to take a long weekend and run a “bucket list” track like VIR? And best of all, when you enter the world of NASA competition groups you get the chance to test your skills against the best of the best at the NASA Championships. This program is unique and demonstrates the highest levels of our “ladder of speed” for sure!

Learning about NASA

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About NASA-X

The Northeast Autocross events are run by Motorsports NE (www.motorsportsne.com).  For those of you who are unfamiliar with autocross (also called SOLO II), it’s a great way to break into amateur auto-racing by using your own car on a controlled course in a secured parking lot. This organization is designed to give those who are interested in learning how to drive their cars in a competitive atmosphere, a chance to do so for a very reasonable price.

First and foremost it’s safe and fun! The NASA-X program is designed around a friendly and knowledgeable staff of committed members who want to share their love of autocrossing with everyone who is interested. No politics, just fun. Every year we try to run a championship series of approximately 10 autocrosses at large lots in the NJ  MetLife Stadium facility, with a year end champion from each class.

Our car classing system is unique to NASA and has worked well over the years. For those who are new to the sport, we have an experienced staff and run several beginner schools during the season to help you acquaint yourself with the sport of autocrossing. So come on out, you won’t regret it! Our schedule of events is available on the website, and updated periodically along with posted results, and current NASA X news.


The NASA X Crew